The Mystery of the Internet

Question mark redWe do various types of business consulting here at Sareen and Associates, and sometimes the assistance desired is regarding marketing, specifically internet marketing. It’s a mystery to many small businesses just how marketing via the internet works. Or, in most instances, doesn’t work.

Furthermore, many small businesses somehow have the idea that all they have to do is put up a little website or piece together a Facebook page, and good things will start happening right away.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it’s generally going to work. There is some strategy to it, and there is the issue of good content. Not to mention regular updates to all of the sites and/or pages a company has on the web. And then there’s the consistent execution in terms of SEO key words and links.

Even when all of those boxes are checked, you’re still going to have to wait for the bots to crawl your site and discover your content so that it can start showing up in search results when your prospective clients start looking for a business that has the product or service that they want.

A lot of you are probably saying to yourself, “See? This is why I don’t get involved with all of that. Too much trouble, too much work, and then I’d also have to learn all of that stuff on how to do it. Plus, I need sales right now, not next year”.

Of course. We understand. But, there are very few businesses these days that can simply ignore the internet as a marketing platform and a customer acquisition tool. Even if it is anathema to you, even if the whole concept is foreign to your preferred method of getting new clients, you still probably need to be on the internet. Sareen and Associates can help you with this, if you desire. Other companies can as well, although our bias is with the effectiveness of our efforts. And we make it easy for you, and, we can train you how to do it yourself, if that’s your preference.

Regardless of where you get help, don’t push aside the social media and the internet. It’s a very valuable tool for a small business, an easy, inexpensive way to compete with the giants in your market segment.

2 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Internet

  1. June wrote:

    I agree, you can’t ignore it. We have a swimming pool business and that’s where we get our customers.

  2. Alison wrote:

    Here’s a mystery: who is watching me type this right now, and what are they going to do with that knowledge?

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