Whew! Tax Season Is Over

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Well, it’s over. Finally.

The long marathon that is tax season ended at midnight last night. Of course, we’ll still be doing taxes for some of our clients the rest of the year because of late filings and/or extensions, but the big crunch is over.

Everyone here at Sareen and Associates is pretty wiped out. Our employees have shown an incredible amount of stamina over the last few months, with most of them working anywhere from 10-12 hours per day, and, also working the weekends as well. They can now get back to some semblance of normal and reacquaint themselves with their family and friends.

A huge thank-you to all of them, and sincere congratulations for a job well-done.

We hope all of our clients are happy with the results they received from our firm. Our clients are the reason we go to such lengths in terms of hours and focus. We want to help the small businesses of our clients in every way, and preparing their taxes and doing tax planning is an important part of the overall package.

Just as a reminder, that overall package comprises accounting (including bookkeeping), payroll services, tax work, audits, incorporations, and of course, business consulting. If you use Sareen and Associates for tax work, we hope we can provide our other small business services to you sometime in the future.

That’s it – thanks to our diligent and tireless employees, and thanks to our clients for using our firm. Until next tax season, then!

One thought on “Whew! Tax Season Is Over

  1. Glynnis wrote:

    I know you guys have a party when it’s all over, right? Right?

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