Will the New Healthcare Act Spur Start-up Activity?

Bookkeeping, Tax work, Accounting, Audits, Payroll Services, Business Consulting, IRS help, Trust fund recovery, Innocent spouse, Liens, Levies, Installment agreement, Offer in compromise, tax resolution we reduce IRS and state tax issuesIf we are to believe some business prognosticators, the fact that around 30 million people will be eligible for inexpensive health insurance though President’s Obama healthcare initiative in the next 6-8 months means that a lot more would-be entrepreneurs will take the plunge into starting their own companies since they won’t have to worry about either obtaining or affording health insurance.

Of course, no one is quite ready to quantify what “a lot” is – whether that’s a million new businesses or five million start-ups, blooming like flowers across the business landscape. But, it’s a pretty safe bet that the extra security of being able to still get and afford health insurance is going to help some people decide to quit their job at a large corporation and get their own start-up going in the future.

But, the question is, how many?

Well, here’s the answer. No one really knows. Our opinion is that whatever the number, it’s going to start off ever so small and build ever so slowly.

If anyone is going to benefit from an explosion in the small business population, it’s a firm like Sareen and Associates, because our clients are all small businesses, whether that business is an LLC, an S-Corp, a sole proprietorship, a 501C Non-Profit, etc. So, we want this forecast to be true, and then some. We would be ecstatic if brand-new businesses started popping up all over the place. We love helping small businesses, and we do well by doing good when it comes to entrepreneurs.

Still, as much as we’d like to see an explosion in start-up firms, knowing the segment like we do, we’re thinking it will be more like green shoots coming up, one-by-one over the next couple of years.

It’s a great time to start a new business, for many reasons – if you’re considering it, we’d love to help you realize your dream.

2 thoughts on “Will the New Healthcare Act Spur Start-up Activity?

  1. Dave wrote:

    I don’t think ObabaCare is going to do much of anything, good or bad.

  2. Donna Gaines wrote:

    It will open up these opportunities, but people will take a wait and see approach, I think.

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