A New Way to Make You Pay State Taxes

Sample NY Drivers LicenseIf you owe state income tax, and don’t pay, the state may do one of these things: Seize your bank account, garnish your wages or file a tax lien. Or, some combination thereof.

And some states will also publish your name in an attempt to shame you into paying what you owe.

But several states, Louisiana, New York, California and Massachusetts, go after something most people consider pretty important – your driver’s license.

And more states (maybe yours) are considering doing the same thing, since it’s a great way to get someone’s attention, it’s fast, and it’s far cheaper to the other taxpayers in these states than legal action.

Is this fair? It appears that the answer, at least in terms of tax scofflaws, is a resounding “YES” as far as the states are concerned.

Yet another reason to pay your taxes on time…

5 thoughts on “A New Way to Make You Pay State Taxes

  1. The Big Zed wrote:

    Our government is out of control on taxes. We should just stop paying taxes, they’re illegal under the Constitution, anyway.

  2. Big Everything wrote:

    Yep everyone should just stop paying taxes, I’m sure that will work out just fine for all of us.

    What a knucklehead thing to say.

  3. Katerina wrote:

    But if I lose my license, I can’t work, so they get nothing anyway. I don’t owe taxes to anyone, but if I did, this wouldn’t solve the problem.

  4. Aileen wrote:

    They want their money! OUR MONEY, THAT IS!

  5. Morris the Kitty wrote:


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