How To Project Expenses for A Start-up Business

SBA logoThe SBA has a lot of useful information for small businesses on their website, and we visit it all the time to see if there’s anything particularly interesting there for our clients.

Today is one of those days, so we thought we’d pass this link along to our readers on this blog.

If you’ve ever thought about that daunting first step of figuring out the expenses of a start-up business, click here for a solution. It’s basic, and that is intentional – the author is obviously trying to distill the required information down to its essence.

Now, just a reminder, if you need, or want, something more detailed in terms of projections, we’re happy to help with that.

2 thoughts on “How To Project Expenses for A Start-up Business

  1. Vivian wrote:

    Wish we had this information years ago when we were trying to get started.

  2. UK transplant wrote:

    What’s important is to make money every month as quickly as you can! Too many small business owners accept bad months in the beginning and then they can’t catch up and they go under!

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