Arun Sareen at the Fairfax Breakfast Club

Arun Sareen 12-2012-A 584x447Here’s an excellent video of Arun Sareen, speaking as a guest at the Fairfax Breakfast Club. The moderator of the platform is Basile Lemba.

There is some very good general business information offered upĀ in this discussion, as well as some great specific information for small business owners.

Click on the link below to see the video.

Arun Sareen and Basile Lemba – Discussion regarding the value of business accounting

5 thoughts on “Arun Sareen at the Fairfax Breakfast Club

  1. John in Fairfax wrote:

    Good stuff on there!

  2. Lanny wrote:

    He’s a good salesman for the company.

  3. Emma wrote:

    Does your company do individual returns or just returns for companies.

  4. Brendan Moore wrote:

    We don’t solicit individual returns like the mass-market chains (i.e. H&R Block) but we prepare individual returns all the time. Please give us a call at your convenience – we’d be happy to help you with your return.

  5. Gudy wrote:

    Honest? Honest as the day is long!

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