Startups Are Abandoning the Outsourcing Model

Hopefully, more companies will bring on more full-time employees in the future

Hopefully, more companies will bring on more full-time employees in the future

Apparently, what’s old is new again. It’s been noticed that many new technology firms are now hiring permanent, full-time employees as opposed to obeying the previous mantra of outsourcing everything they could, and having as few employees, and assets, as possible. Startups are abandoning the outsourcing model.

These companies say that investing in employees by training them, giving them a full range of benefits and perks, providing job security, and a defined career path, actually costs the company less in the long run as a result of increased quality in work processes, employee loyalty, customer satisfaction, etc.

Who knew? I mean, who could have predicted that would happen? Isn’t that just crazy? What a revelation! Who could have guessed at this outcome?

While I’m trying not to derisively laugh out loud, let me state the obvious answer: “Everyone that is over 40 years old that’s ever worked for a decent company”. Yup, that’s who could have told you what would happen. And, I suppose, as well, every permanent employee at Google.

False shock and real sarcasm aside, hundreds of thousands of companies, large and small, and millions of employees that worked for those companies, did very well in that type of employer-employee relationship for a very long time. The companies prospered, and so did the employees.

And it’s not as if that went away – millions of people still work for companies that invest in their workforce, provide decent benefits to their employees and their families, and treat their employees with respect. And the employees respond with their hard work, their loyalty, and desire to do whatever they can to help the company succeed. The template is still there; it’s still working. It’s just nowhere near as prevalent as it once was, that’s all.

So, I’m glad to see this “new” concept being taken up by these startups, and hey, maybe it will spread across all technology companies, and then, across all startups. And then, maybe it will spread even further to all companies that are currently not treating their employees like the valued resource they are.

Fingers crossed…………


One thought on “Startups Are Abandoning the Outsourcing Model

  1. David wrote:

    DUH. I don’t know why companies moved away from having real employees in the first place.

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