And We’re Back

Yes, it has been a long time, hasn’t it? Over two years since our last

Now we're back - Sareen and Associates CPAs is the best full-service accounting firm in the DC Metro Region

Yes, it’s been this long since our last post (sorry)

post here, and here, and we have no excuse, except that we’ve been busy, and the company has been growing. And we’re back now, and we’re sorry we were away so long.

We, as mentioned, are growing. In fact, if you look at our Careers page, we have seven (that’s right, 7!) new positions posted as I type this. And we’re having another good year in 2017.

What can I say. we’re good at this, and we love our clients.

We will try to get you caught up over the next several months with what’s going on with the company, and of course, what is going on out there in the world. Especially as it pertains to small business owners.

There are changes on the way – some have already been put into place, some are yet to come. The ones that are yet to come are still not fully formed, and no one is quite sure what those will look like when it all said and done. We are in a ever-changing political climate, and there may (or may not be) some huge tax law changes coming down the pike here shortly. New tax laws that will affect our small business clients.

Whatever happens, we’ll be on top of it for our clients.

Watch this space…


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