Extra Hours

Our small business clients put in a lot of extra hours in order to be successful. Our CPA firm puts in extra hours, too – in order to help those clients be successful.

Extra Hours, best CPA in VirginiaOur main office in Manassas typically has various people there until 7 PM during the week, and also has a fair amount of people there on Saturdays. This is very handy if you need an appointment after the normal business day.

That is applicable to most of the calendar year.

Just as a heads-up to our clients, during tax season, which starts on January 2, 2018, all four offices of Sareen and Associates are staffed on Saturdays, and, are also open by appointment on Sundays as well. Weekend availability of our staff will continue through the end of day, April 15th.

We also have evening hours available during the week as we have a lot of people here late during tax season.

For those of you that are considering Sareen and Associates as your trusted business resource, we also keep weekend and evening hours in terms of initial consultations for monthly accounting, payroll services, back-office processing, business consulting, etc. – our business development officers are happy to meet you either at the office or your place of business if you want know more about our company. As usual, this meeting is at no charge to you and you are under no obligation to us after the meeting.

Our focus is on the small business owner, and we know that it can be tough to make time to see us during the busy work week. If you are the owner and the foreman at your roofing company, it’s difficult to just leave the job site for a couple of hours. Same if you own, and manage, a busy, bustling restaurant. Therefore we work around our client’s schedules by providing them with extra hours of operation here.

Let us know how we can help you.

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