You Versus The IRS

“You Versus The IRS”. This is a phrase that tends to produce a lot of fear and negative emotions among both individuals and companies. And with good reason.

The judicial system in the U.S. presumes innocence over guilt, but the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) is not part of the judicial system, and the opposite is true with this government agency – they presume you are the problem, and the burden of proof regarding your innocence is on you.

If you’re in the right, it’s going to cost you time and money to prove that you’re right, and they’re wrong. And, if it’s eventually determined that you’re wrong, it’s going to cost you time, and a lot more money, and, in some rare cases, your freedom. Yes, we are talking about jail time.

So, if you think about “You Versus The IRS” as the title of your own personal movie, the question is, will this movie be a cliffhanger? A dark comedy? A mystery? A horror movie? A tragedy? Or, a feel-good drama?

Well, we want your IRS movie to be a feel-good drama. And hopefully, not too much drama, and a big, feel-good moment at the end.

With that in mind, we just want to remind you that Sareen and Associates is a professional CPA firm with over 24 years of experience in taxation matters. We frequently represent our clients in front of the IRS regarding tax settlements, fines and penalties, garnishments, disputes over tax owed, late filings, etc.

We’ve been doing this for a long time. We’re tough and knowledgeable and we get results. We will get the the IRS off your back, and give you some breathing room, so that decisions can be made in a deliberate, thoughtful manner, as opposed to making decisions in a panic, or under pressure.

And, we’re reasonably priced (have you seen the billable hour rates of tax attorneys lately?), and we are able to take on your case immediately, no matter where you are in the country.

If you’re in trouble with the IRS, or think you might be in trouble with the IRS, give us a call today.

We can help you.

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