Your Business Needs A Turnaround

Your business needs a turnaround. It happens. Happens all the time; there is no need to be embarrassed by it. Well, we do business turnarounds. That’s right; we can, and we will, help you save your business. We can start as soon as you like.

Led by the president of the company, Arun Sareen, a fellow who has many successful turnarounds under his belt, we will form a project team, roll up our sleeves and help you bring your company off the resuscitator and make it a prosperous commercial entity, something of value, something you can again be proud of.

We’ve done it before, we’re good at it, and we’re happy to do it for you.

I’ll answer your immediate question – of course, it will cost you some money. But, most of the fee we charge is going to be in the form of a percentage of the increase in business that we will engineer on your behalf. So, if what we do doesn’t work, you’re not be going to be out much money. And, if what we do is successful, you’re going to pay us something substantial (just for a short while), but you’re going to get to keep the much larger percentage, and, you’re going to get to keep your business open. Overall, that’s a pretty good deal, when the alternative is losing everything – revenue, profit, and the business you worked so hard to build up into something meaningful. Your business needs a turnaround, and there is only one alternative to not turning it around, and that is letting it die.Your business needs a turnaround - Sareen and Associates offers IRS help

During the process of turning your business around, and then afterward as well, we’ll look at the basics:

The basics include, but are not limited to:

Getting your employees involved – if your employees care about what happens to the company, and, stand to get rewarded (no, smart-aleck, just keeping their job is NOT enough of a reward) if the company comes back from the brink of death, well, then, your people will go above and beyond the call of duty to help you survive

Paying attention to what your competitors are doing – not only does this give you a way to match/exceed their offerings, there might be something they have that you want to emulate

Selling more of whatever whatever you sell – reduced margins, blowout sales, PPC advertising, ridiculous sales contests for your salespeople, radio or television ads, whatever it takes. Healthy sales numbers fix a lot of problems at any company, and we need to get cash flow healthy again

Paying attention to market trends – even if you’re not first with the product your customers desire most, a fast second will usually save the day (and sometimes rule the day)

Being cognizant of overall economic trends – if all you sell is books that everyone can get on Amazon for less money 24 hours a day (with free shipping!), there is trouble on the horizon

Making it as easy as possible for customers to buy what you’re selling –

Example 1: Client had the national distribution rights to a product (machinery) that the target market definitely wants and needs, but the acquisition cost was high and many customers could not afford the one-time expense. The solution was to find a small-ticket lessor that would offer lease financing to prospective buyers on a private-label basis (leasing branded with the client’s name). The client not only moved more product at higher margins, they also made fee income from the leases generated through the arrangement.

Example 2: Client that does custom web development wanted to sell website templates of their own design to customers that want a different look than most sites, but do not have the budget for custom work. Unfortunately, many of these prospective customers have little or no technological expertise. The solution was to offer different packages with different degrees of required customer involvement at different price points. There was no “take it or leave it” attitude in terms of the product being offered; in fact, our client offered enough different levels of “do it yourself” packages so that it the average prospect found it highly likely that they would find a package that suited their skill/desire level.

Your business needs a turnaround - Sareen and Associates for all of your tax needs

No, no, no….

Conducting regular business strategy sessions – If you’re a very small company, this may seem almost laughable to you, but replacing those conversations you have after hours with your three employees over take-out food with a scheduled strategy session led by someone with experience in business strategy can usually produce better results.

Always thinking about a strategic alliance – it’s a cold, brutal business environment out there, and having another ally when facing off against your competitors always helps

Reviewing your marketing assets on a regular basis – there may be value in data or relationships you already have. We had a client that acquired a much larger, poorly-run competitor in order to get their retail locations and their commercial contracts, and ignored the list of 45,000+ consumer customers that came with the acquisition for over two years, despite the fact that it was a higher margin business that that the client was then trying to build up in a separate business unit. We were told, “They’re not our customers. It was a toxic relationship. There are some very unhappy campers in that portfolio”. Meanwhile, good money was being spent to send out direct mail pieces to new prospects

Constantly improving your business processes – reducing costs, reducing cycle times, increasing profits and increasing customer satisfaction are all very good things that should be done on an ongoing basis, not just when a crisis is looming

Having business financing always available – don’t wait until the moment it starts raining to get an umbrella, have one ready. Establish lines of credit before an emergency situation, not as a result of – the terms will be better, and access to the funding is immediate. We can help you with this.

This list is hardly the whole list, but it’s a great basic template, and we can help with every one of these items, as well as other steps specific to your particular business.

If your business needs a turnaround, don’t keep waiting. Sadly, it’s probably not going to get better, only worse.

This is something we’re really good at. Call us.

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