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Every year, people have facts about their taxes and their tax returns that they relay to us that are not facts – they’re fiction. Someone told them about this trick or a “hack” to get more money back on their taxes, or, they thought they read it somewhere, or whatever. And, people also come into our office, filled with angst and foreboding over a new tax law that isn’t actually a law, or, doesn’t take effect until next year. Talk to a professional, folks. Whether it’s us (and we hope it’s us), or another CPA firm, talk to a professional.

Not the people at the plumbing supply distributor where you work, not to your neighbor who is not a CPA, but he is a labor relations lawyer who seems really smart, and not to your father-in-law who has always done his own taxes, and says he knows everything you need to know. Talk to a professional tax preparation firm.

This year is like every other year, but worse. People know that there have been some big changes in the tax code, but beyond that, there’s not a lot of detailed information they have. So, they are repeating what someone else said, or stating as fact something they read on a Facebook feed. And many of them also mistakenly believe that whatever changes have occurred are retroactive to their 2017 taxes. Not so.

Many small tax preparation firms are owned by someone who believes they are good at doing tax returns, And, they might very well be. Somewhat larger firms usually have an EA (Enrolled Agent – special designation from the IRS) heading up the tax return efforts. Some firms have two EAs.

Just a gentle reminder: Sareen and Associates has 5 EAs working in-house.

Sareen and Associates also has 5 CPAs (CPA – Certified Public Accountant, which has much higher requirements than an EA) working here as permanent, full-time employees.

That’s a lot of firepower that we can bring to your tax tax return and tax work in general. And if you get into a disagreement with the IRS or the state taxation board where you live, or, you are already in a jam with the tax authorities, an EA or CPA can represent your interests before the IRS. We do this every day – we get between our clients and the IRS, and negotiate the best possible deal for our tax clients.

Again, we hope you pick us, but even if you don’t, talk to a professional about your taxes.

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