When Should You Get Outside Help For Your Small Business?

We do business consulting here at Sareen and Associates, and unfortunately, most small business owners wait far too long to to get the help they need for their firm. It really begs the question: When should you get outside help for your small business? Is it possible to jump the gun on seeking professional help in operations, accounting, marketing, etc.? Can you do this too soon?When Should You Get Outside Help For Your Small Business

Hmmm, it’s an interesting question. It’s possible, of course. But, we’ve never seen it happen. Some business owners do it in time so that the problem that is plaguing their business can be fixed, and not not take too long and not cost too much money, but most wait too long to get outside help. By the time they seek help, things are usually dire, and the solution is expensive.

Most small companies have issues in two areas; keeping track of their money or taxes, or, acquiring new customers.

A dentist is great at root canals, but not at keeping her books or keeping up with her payroll taxes. A sandwich shop makes a delicious pastrami on rye (with a pickle!), but is not good at acquiring all the customers they need. A roofing company operates in a tri-state area, employing over 100 people, owning twenty trucks and other equipment, and the money is just pouring in after some recent storm activity, but they are having problems with their books, payroll, and tracking material costs. A holding company that owns a dozen 7-11 franchises wants every store to be on the same back-office system. These are some of the examples of how clients end up reaching out to us for help.

So, when should you get outside help for your small business? As mentioned, by the time someone contacts us, the answer is usually “Last year”. Or, “Last month”. It will cost your business less money (and maybe you’ll lose less customers, too) if you act sooner rather than later.



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