Your Small Company Needs A Great Brand, But How Can You Do That?

So, your small company needs a great brand, but how can you do that? You’re good at making sandwiches. Or putting down carpet. Or being a dentist, or pet sitting or being a mold inspector.

You are not good at marketing, and definitely not good at brand marketing. In fact, you’re not even sure what the difference is between brand marketing and regular marketing.

So, how can you get a great brand in your city or region or state or nationally?

Here is an approach that usually works.

Be friendly and casual in your advertising – more like a person than a brand. You’re a small company made of up of “persons”, and maybe you are just one person. You’re not Exxon or McDonald’s; no need to give the impression you are. Be conversational in your marketing. That means sometimes being serious, sometimes funny, sometimes irreverent, etc.

Keep the brand marketing process down to a few people, and that includes whomever you hire to write the copy and/or do the artwork. The more people involved, the greater likelihood the message will get watered down. Choose the people carefully. Give them carte blanche.

Don’t cut and run when someone says they don’t like your ads or your copy or the graphics, etc. This will happen. Someone won’t like it. That’s OK. As long as most of your targeted customers love it, you’re in good shape. Never go for “like”, always go for “love”. Strong marketing messages produce strong

your small company needs a great brand, but how can you do that

Trader Joe’s is an example of great brand marketing

reactions, and if a small percentage of people hate it, well, then, you know it’s working. As an example,Trader Joe’s customers love the copy on their packaging in the store, they love the flyers that advertise deals, etc. But, there are some people that can’t stand it – “too cute” and “trying too hard to be funny” and “too earnest” are critiques you hear a lot about Trader Joe’s. But, it doesn’t matter, because most of their customers love it. I mean, they love it.

That’s it. Three easy steps. Does it work 100% of the time? No, nothing does. But it will work for most small businesses, and it won’t cost you a great deal, and that’s a good combination.


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