There Will Be More Gen Zers Than Millennials In 2019

Good news for delivery services, legal marijuana, tourist destinations, ride services and tech companies – according to data from the United Nations, the global population of Generation Z (people born before 2001) will outnumber Millennials (people born between 1980 and 2000).

This is a zero-sum game, though, and other types of companies will have some adjustment to do. These include auto manufacturers, companies involved in providing recreation activities that already have an older demographic (looking at you, golf and hunting), upscale chain restaurants, mass-market beer distilleries, etc.

If you’re providing service or a product that Gen Zers don’t want, or worse, providing service or a product  that both Gen zers and millennials don’t want, there will soon be storm clouds on your revenue horizon.

Just a heads-up……

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