Warren Buffett Has Some Thoughts

Warren Buffett has some thoughts on the overall economy, healthcare and his new healthcare venture, the next recession, tax reform and the earned income tax, and the minimum wage in a recent CNN interview.

And Mr. Buffett is upbeat about the overall economy from a

long-term perspective, and says he doesn’t know when the next recession will show up, and frankly, does not seem that concerned about it, either. He considers recessions “just temporary interruptions”. Which, I suppose recessions are to a billionaire who also happens to be an investment guru.

Maybe a little more important to the common man, though…..

On a subject close to our tax and accounting hearts, he revisits the earned income tax credit in the interview, saying it needs to be both reformed and expanded. He’s said it before, and he says it here again: “People don’t need a minimum wage, they need a maximum amount of cash in their pocket.”

It’s hard not to admire Warren Buffett; he gives a lot of his money away on a consistent basis, and he lives a modest lifestyle. He is the wise (and rich) grandfather that we all need in our lives. And he is always worth listening to regarding financial and economic matters.



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