The IRS Says It’s Good That Refunds Are Smaller This Year

Remember when your parents told you that it was actually good for you that they weren’t letting you do something you wanted to do, or, that they weren’t buying you a car for your 16th birthday?

Their reasoning was that a little hardship was good for character-building. You needed to learn to live with these sorts of deprivations, because, after all, life was not a big bowl of cherries, you know.

In what surely must be the IRS version of the “firm, but fair” parenting approach, the IRS has dispatched various spokespeople to stand or sit of front of a microphone somewhere and tell taxpayers that it’s a good thing that tax refunds are smaller this year. It means that taxpayers are getting more of their money every paycheck as opposed to the recent past.

Perhaps not, say some taxpayers.

Many people count on a tax refund as sort of a forced savings instrument that they cash in every spring.

And of course, there are doubters as to the general truthfulness of the IRS statements – many taxpayers are certain there are plenty of tax breaks for rich people and large companies in the new tax regulations that took effect in 2018 calendar year, but are skeptical that the average-income taxpayer is going to catch a break of any significance.

But, here’s something that is for certain regarding your tax return. If you have us prepare your business or personal tax return, we will get you every legal tax deduction you are eligible for, regardless of whether that tax credit is new as of last year, or decades-old.

Give us a call if you like that sort of certainty. We can still fit your return into our work queue – happy to do it!

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