We Provide Marketing and PR Services

You probably don’t know this about us, but among the many things we do for our small business clients is this: We provide marketing and PR services for our existing clients. We don’t advertise these services out in the public domain, because we don’t have enough resources in-house to accommodate that much work. But, we’re happy to provide it to our existing clients at reasonable rates.

We offer social media marketing, PPC (pay-per-click) online advertising, traditional marketing, press releases, etc. Things that many small business owners need, but are not familiar with, and don’t know much about. Not all, of course – some of our clients are great at marketing. But, many are intimidated by it, or, they’ve spent a lot of money in the past and gotten very little for it, or, frankly, they are just too busy doing an excellent job of laying carpet, or making sandwiches, or repairing cars, or whatever, to spend time on marketing, even though they need to. So ,we are here, we’re already a known quantity to our clients, and our work in this area is just as good as our work in business consulting and accounting.

Want to see an example? You can check out a press release we did recently for one of our existing accounting clients who just opened up a new restaurant. They needed to get the word out about their new business, and we were the quick, reasonably-priced solution they needed. They didn’t have to go through the hassle of finding a PR firm to do it, interviewing them, having the firm then learn about their business, etc.

So, if your business has social media, marketing or PR needs, and you’re already a client, keep it in mind as an option.

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