It’s Tax Season For Us!

It’s tax time for us! And tax time for you personally, and your business.

We will prepare thousands of returns over the next few months, with most of that activity centered on business returns. We’re busy in these months; it’s all hands on deck with evening and weekend hours available to better accommodate our clients’ needs. We do plenty of personal returns, but not as many as business returns. Just as a reminder, the last date to file a business return is on March 15th, which is one month before the due date for personal returns on April 15th.

Don Shinn, one of our tax professionals in our Fredericksburg office.

There are so many things needed to start a business return, and those are so variable that it is futile to try to list them. Indeed, some business returns have over a hundred different schedules accompanying the return. We counsel our business return clients on an individual basis regarding the documentation they need for their specific return.

If we are filing a personal return on your behalf, things get more defined. here are the items you should have in your possession before coming to see us:

W-2s – if you’re an employee, you will get a W-2 from your employer. If you had more than one employer during 2019, then you will get more than one W-2.

1099s – there are many, many types of 1099 forms, and cover almost all the other ways that people make money besides a W-2 job. people that work as independent contractors for a company get a 1099, but so do people who get paid stock dividends, and so do many other people that get interest income, etc.

1098s – W-2s and 1099s are all about the income, but 1098s provide valuable information about tax credits available to you.

Account statements for 2019 – bank accounts, investment accounts, etc.

These are the four things an individual will need to get started with their tax return. There will probably be some other things needed by your tax preparer as well, but this is an excellent start.

As usual, a reminder that we have professionals that can do all of this for you – quickly and accurately. Just give us a call!

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