Tax Help For Gig Workers

Self-employed, gig worker, freelance, contract worker, 1099 employee, etc. all have a lot more to do tax-wise than a W-2 employee at a company. There is tax help for gig workers (the catch-all umbrella term we will use for this article), and it’s available from various places for free, and also available from other places (like Sareen and Associates!) for a reasonable cost.

tax prep for gig workers or contract workers, 1099 employees

Let’s start with “free” first. The IRS actually now has a section on their website titled “Gig Economy Tax Center“. Very, very handy, with tax tips, reminders, and, you can actually download the forms you need from there, too.

Want more? Well, of course you do. It’s human nature, right?

Here’s a really great article from the business section of The New York Times, titled, “A Gig Worker’s Guide To Filing Taxes“. It’s very comprehensive, and you’ll probably learn at least one thing you didn’t know before now.

Then, of course, there is help that costs money. For instance, we help gig workers with their tax returns. We’ve been doing it for 27 years. We’re pretty darn good at it, too. And as many of the gig workers in The New York Times article point out, getting professional help to get your taxes prepared quickly and accurately (and within legal compliance) doesn’t cost that much in terms of overall business expenses, and, you sleep much better at night afterwards.

Hey, we didn’t write that article – that’s what they said. But, we do like reading it, that’s for sure. Not going to lie!

Anyway, we hope this helps. And if you need us, call us. We prepare returns for businesses and individuals in all 50 states, and we also do it for expats. Give us a call!

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