Back Office Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) – What is it, and What Are the Benefits?

Bookkeeping, Tax work, Accounting, Audits, Payroll Services, Business Consulting, IRS help, Trust fund recovery, Innocent spouse, Liens, Levies, Installment agreement, Offer in compromise, tax resolution we reduce IRS and state tax issuesBPO (commonly called back office outsourcing) allows the small and mid-size business owner to remove the administrative office tasks from their “to do” list and give those to a professional to do. Whether its accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory, record-keeping, Controller or CFO tasks, or something else, we have business professionals at our company ready to do those things for your business so you don’t have to. You then have the time to do the things that will help your business grow and prosper, secure in the knowledge that your important administrative tasks are being handled and resolved by professionals that know what they’re doing.

Will this cost your business extra money? Not usually – Sareen and Associates can almost always perform these back-office functions for less money than you’re spending now. You’ll save money. Large corporations have outsourced their administrative functions for decades, and they do it because it makes sense and saves money. You now have the same option available for your company. And, money saved is money earned.

Business Services We Provide

Bookkeeping A/R A/P
Payroll Services Cash Flow Analysis Loss Prevention
Taxes Archiving Credit Control
Financial Statements Business Plans Collection
Budgets Strategic Planning CFO Functions
Data Entry Business Coaching Controller Functions
Quality Measurement Records Management Document Processing
Customer Communications Document Removal Loss Prevention


Need more detail? We’re happy to provide it. And rest assured, you only pay for the things you want, because you can choose, cafeteria-style, from all of the services listed – we won’t force you into a bundle that has services you don’t need.

Give us a call today, or drop us a line by email – we’ll send a back-office expert out to your business to listen to your business needs, ask questions, and come up with a service plan that saves both money and time. And you will no longer have to worry about whether that person you hired last month really knows her stuff, or, is going to get that whole situation with her old car ironed out so she can come to work every day. Our people know what to do, and are rock-solid dependable.

Doesn’t that sound like the way your back office should be?