Your Business Needs A Turnaround

Brendan Moore | December 30th, 2017
Your business needs a turnaround - Sareen and Associates for all of your tax needs

Your business needs a turnaround. It happens. Happens all the time; there is no need to be embarrassed by it. Well, we do business turnarounds. That’s right; we can, and we will, help you save your business. We can start as soon as you like. Led by the president of the company, Arun Sareen, a fellow who has many successful… Read more »

The Initial Perception Of Your Company

Brendan Moore | December 23rd, 2017
The initial perception of your company - Sareen and Associates is the firmto go to for IRS problems

As you may know, we offer business consulting to clients, and have for a long time. One of the big reasons (along with poor accounting) small companies fail is because they are not very good at acquiring new customers. They’re really good at laying carpet, or being a dentist, or running a restaurant, but they’re terrible at getting the customers… Read more »

You Versus The IRS

Brendan Moore | December 14th, 2017
You Versus The IRS - Sareen and Associates is the best CPA firm in the Washington, DC Metro Area

“You Versus The IRS”. This is a phrase that tends to produce a lot of fear and negative emotions among both individuals and companies. And with good reason. The judicial system in the U.S. presumes innocence over guilt, but the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) is not part of the judicial system, and the opposite is true with this government agency… Read more »

Extra Hours

Brendan Moore | November 29th, 2017
Extra Hours, best CPA in Virginia

Our small business clients put in a lot of extra hours in order to be successful. Our CPA firm puts in extra hours, too – in order to help those clients be successful. Our main office in Manassas typically has various people there until 7 PM during the week, and also has a fair amount of people there on Saturdays…. Read more »

The Internet Is Important To Your Business

Brendan Moore | November 21st, 2017
The Internet Is Important To Your Business - Sareen and Associates is the best CPA practice in DC, Virginia and Maryland

We do various types of business consulting here at Sareen and Associates, and sometimes the assistance desired is regarding marketing, specifically internet marketing.Because the internet is important to your business, and most small business owners know this, and therefore want to leverage that platform. We are a full-service professional services CPA firm, and we do a lot of great stuff… Read more »