When Should You Get Outside Help For Your Small Business?

Brendan Moore | March 17th, 2018
IRS help, tax levies, tax liens, garnishments, CPA, EA, accounting

We do business consulting here at Sareen and Associates, and unfortunately, most small business owners wait far too long to to get the help they need for their firm. It really begs the question: When should you get outside help for your small business? Is it possible to jump the gun on seeking professional help in operations, accounting, marketing, etc.?… Read more »

Perception Matters

Brendan Moore | March 9th, 2018
Perceptions Matter - Sareen and Associates - Tax Liens, Tax Levies, Garnishments, IRS problems

Perception matters, right? Here’s something to think about if you’re a small business owner: Should you display the trappings of success (luxury car or SUV, expensive clothes, Rolex on your wrist, Montblanc pen, etc.) to your clients/customers so that they know you’re very good at what you do, and therefore, successful, or, always present a portrait of modesty and restraint… Read more »

Talk To A Professional

Brendan Moore | February 28th, 2018
IRS Representation - You Versus The IRS - Your 2018 Taxes, Sareen and Associates is the best CPA firm in the Washington, DC Metro Area

Every year, people have facts about their taxes and their tax returns that they relay to us that are not facts – they’re fiction. Someone told them about this trick or a “hack” to get more money back on their taxes, or, they thought they read it somewhere, or whatever. And, people also come into our office, filled with angst… Read more »

Social Media And Your Business

Brendan Moore | February 22nd, 2018
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If your organization or business has young people as a target audience or target customers, here’s hoping that you are reaching them through your Snapchat page, Facebook site, Pininterest, YouTube or your Twitter feed. Social media and your business need to be together on this if your typical customer is 25 years old. Surprising no one that follows social media,… Read more »

Take A New Career For A Test Drive

Brendan Moore | February 11th, 2018
Take A New Career For A Test Drive - Sareen and Associates can get you the best deal with the IRS if you have tax liens or levies

Most of our small business clients used to work for someone else. They may own their own business now, but very few of them came out of high school or college, and started their own company immediately. So, at one point, they had the same question many prospective business owners have: How do I take a new career for a… Read more »