Franchise Owner Focus

Thinking about starting a franchise business like this?

We have a long history of helping franchise owners (franchisees) navigate their financials and manage their businesses effectively. Our firm has experience with all sorts of franchisees, everything from Subway Sandwiches and Domino’s Pizza and Popeye’s Chicken to 7-11 stores and Fedex/Kinkos and RaceTrac outlets to Merry Maids and Dogtopia and Great Clips and Ace Hardware.

And it’s not just help managing the ongoing business that we offer! We also develop the business plans, market research and financial forecasts for these types of businesses so they can get a loan to actually start the business, and we will execute the incorporation of the new legal entity on behalf of the franchisee, etc.

And if the time comes that you wish to sell the business, we can help with placing an accurate value on the business, and the sales process itself.

If you’re a franchisee, or wish to be a franchisee, give us a call. We’ll go to work for you today!