Home Repair-Remodeling Focus

Our full-service tax and accounting firm has a tremendous amount of experience with all sorts of providers in the home repair – remodeling segment; everything from our small business clients that do major appliance repair and replacement to roofers to plumbers to HVAC to deck installers, carpet companies and driveway refinishers. You name it, we’ve had that kind of of home-related service provider as our tax, accounting or HR/Payroll client.

We know these businesses, and cater to their specific needs, whether it’s seasonal revenue periods, the desire to pay some of their employees or 1099 contractors in cash, the very specific types of equipment amortization they require from a tax perspective, etc. We have the knowledge and experience to help the owners of these businesses increase their profits and stay in compliance with the law and out of regulatory trouble.

And it’s not just help managing the ongoing business that we offer! We also develop the business plans, market research and financial forecasts for these types of businesses so they can get a loan to actually start the business, and we will execute the incorporation of the new legal entity on behalf of the new firm, etc.

We can provide expert help on business expansion plans, equipment leasing, acquisition of more physical space or land, etc.

And if the time comes that you wish to sell the business, we can help with placing an accurate value on the business, and the sales process itself.

If you’re involved in the home repair or home remodeling business , or wish to own a business in this segment, give us a call. We’ll go to work for you today!