Hospitality Business Focus

Sareen and Associates, in partnership with Luminosity Investments, offers a specialized focus on businesses in the hospitality sector, and even more specifically, overnight lodging businesses like hotels and motels.

The technology platform that we use to service our hospitality clients is called M3, and it has been specifically developed and engineered to provide everything a hospitality business needs. Many of those items are things all businesses need, and M3 does a great job with those, and also does a great job with the things that are very specific to this segment. Decades of research, development and execution have given them the expertise to know what makes your hospitality business successful and has attuned them to your specific needs and wants regarding financial tools that will make your business better and more profitable.

Additionally, Luminosity Investments, led by Neha Jadhav, also provides short-term and long-term financial planning to the owners of these businesses.

We offer several tiers of services regarding accounting, tax compliance and HR/Payroll services; you can select a package, or, simply customize your own bundle of services. Whatever you decide on, our company has employees who are experts in the different specialties that hospitality businesses need, and we also have employees who are very experienced generalists in these areas. We currently have seven CPAs, 5 EAs, and over a dozen accountants here at the company to serve you. After over 25 years of concentrating on the needs of small businesses, there are very few questions our folks at Sareen and Associates haven’t heard.

For more information, or to set up a site visit, please contact Neha Jadhav at 703-400-0592, or by email at .