Hollywood, Florida Office (954) 454-1041

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Our office in Hollywood, Florida (that’s below Fort Lauderdale and above Miami on the Atlantic Coast, for those of you unfamiliar with the state’s geography) is not as large as other offices, but it is just as potent, offering all the major business services that we offer in our other offices.

Those services are:



Tax services for individuals and businesses


LLC Formation and Incorporations

Business case writing

Business Consulting

Any other professional CPA services

Considering it’s location in South Florida, our accountants also have a great deal of experience with specific tax situations, like:

Estates and Trusts

Tax Filing for Foreign Nationals

Overseas Income for U.S. Citizens

Audit Requirements for Homeowners Associations

Retirement and Pension Tax Issues

Medical Care Tax Credits

Of course, these areas of excellence are supplemental to the things every office of Sareen and Associates does – the provision of business services and expertise to small companies and the entrepreneurs that own those companies.

Call the Hollywood office at 954-454-1041, or, stop by in person if you’d like. They’re always happy to talk shop. Hope to see you soon!